Turn Every Customer Into A Power User

Give your customers the tools to succeed from the day they come on board and every day moving forward.

Demoflow on Customer Success

Reduce churn and increase engagement

Customer Success is an essential piece of the Sales process. Demoflow provides the all-in-one functionality to ensure every new customer becomes your next power user as quickly as possible.

Review the customer's unique needs

What items were promised to the customer during the sales cycle? What are the specific pain points of this unique customer? Demoflow makes it easy to review this information before any meeting. Make sure you know exactly why they purchased your product to reduce early churn.

Tailored onboarding in minutes

Build a tailored onboarding deck to meet the needs of each specific customer. Present those materials live or quickly generate a custom, trackable PDF to send off. The new customer will be up and running quicker than ever before.

Streamlined Salesforce integration

Quickly document your onboarding in seconds with integrated custom fields. Keep your customers and your manager happy!

Shorter ramp time for your team

How do you train your Customer Success reps so they can help share your workload? Demoflow's repeatable shared assets and speaker notes mean you can get your new Customer Success team members contributing in their first week.

Present in seconds

Onboard with ease

Build a customized onboarding presentation in seconds with an easy drag-and-drop interface. Review notes from the Sales team while you prepare to ensure you're showing the right functionality to the right people.

Demoflow Onboard with Ease Illustration
Demoflow Seamless Product Walkthroughs Illustration

Integrated Platform Urls

Seamless product walkthroughs

Easily streamline live product walkthroughs and trainings. You can even demo multiple user accounts with the click of a button.

Build the relationship

Shared Workspaces to manage relationships

Demoflow Workspaces provide a way to ensure easy handoff from the Sales to Customer Success teams. The entire context of the relationship lives in a single spot to turn your new customers into brand champions.

Demoflow Shared Workspaces to Manage Relationships Illustration

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