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Demoflow boosts deal momentum by enabling teams to have productive, on-brand sales conversations.

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Boost deal momentum

Demoflow enables productive sales conversations, seamless collaboration, and easy note capture—all in workflow.

Never lose momentum

Demoflow enables productive sales conversations, seamless collaboration, and easy note capture—all in workflow.

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Tell frictionless stories

Tell frictionless, on-brand stories that move deals forward without leaving your workflow.

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Study, analyze, and reuse winning narratives

Know which narratives close deals faster and which don't. Track deal conversations to coach reps and empower them to succeed with winning narratives. 

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How demoflow works

Move faster. Stay in flow.

Have productive sales conversations and move fluidly from one call to the next without ever leaving your workflow

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Better understand pain

Customers use Demoflow to enable productive sales conversations, seamless collaboration, and easy note capture—all in workflow. Easily scale Discovery best practices to better understand customers' pain.

Tell the best story

Weave together demos, sales decks, pricing sheets, and web pages into reusable snippets to tell professional, on-brand stories that close deals faster.

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Pivot on the fly

Import all your narrative materials into Demoflow's content manager with a few simple clicks. Easily pivot the narrative in the moment to better suit the conversation.

Never lose momentum

Gain consensus with your buyers about the next steps to move the deal forward. Easily schedule your next meeting with Demoflow before exiting the call.

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Update your CRM in one click

No more pestering reps to update the CRM! Reps can take notes in the floating chrome app window in Demoflow and have your notes automatically synced with Salesforce. 

Scale your wins

Identify and scale the flows that lead to closed-won deals. Ensure that your team is adhering to the processes put in place.

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Did we mention integrations?

Demoflow integrates with Zoom, Salesforce, Gcal, and more so you can seamlessly move from one meeting to the next effortlessly. 

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Don’t take our word for it, take theirs

Demoflow is trusted by revenue-generating leaders far and wide. Check out what they have to say.

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“Demoflow helps us achieve our revenue goals and scale the company”

Demoflow provides me with visibility into what reps are presenting and what’s working, so that best practices can be spread quickly across the team. I see Demoflow as an integral part of our tech stack.

Scott Lasica

Cso at Stream

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“No More Harbour Tours”

At ABBYY we go the extra mile for our customers, and that starts from the very first demo. Now with the help of Demoflow we’re not only able to disrupt and innovate through our products, but also through the next level of customer experience we can offer by using Demoflow.

Maxime Vermeir

Director of Customer Innovation

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“Demoflow feels like a custom solution built for Cin7”

Demoflow makes building slide decks and the overall structure of a demo a breeze. We're able to use a similar structure for each customer but also customize the demo based on our discovery topics.

Matt Morrison

Strategic account executive at cin7

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